Shamanic Regenerative Drumming Journeys

Join Lauren McKee (your host) and Melissa Billington on an intrepid inner journey to connect with your helping spirits.

Shamanic Journeys are a sacred practice used by many cultures around the world.

Shaman often translates from Siberian to mean, ‘one who sees in the dark'. Which is what we’ll practice by closing the outer two eyes & opening the inner eye, to see where the spirit leads.

Using steady percussion, you will experience a gentle shift in your brain waves. Taking them from high-alert Beta, to the lucid and receptive Theta state.

You will spend most of the time lying down so you can relax and are open to receive guidance and inspiration.

After the session, you're invited to share your experience with the group. This is optional, of course. Yet, there are often amazing insights gained from a wider collective of participants.

When: Jun 19, 2019 7 PM - 9 PM
Where: Paremata Boating Club


-bring a yoga mat, blanket & pillow and anything else you need to feel comfortable and at home in the space.

-bring rattles or drum if you have any. No prior experience needed.



I had quite a profound experience with Melissa's drumming journey. It was only a 20 minutes session but I managed to achieve a deep meditative state.

I still remember my vivid journey. I can't wait to experience more, which is why I asked Melissa to join us here in Porirua. ~Lauren



For over 10 years, Melissa has been learning Core Shamanic drumming from her mother & her mother's teacher, Pat Floyd, a 30 -year student of Sandra Ingerman

Melissa’s Shamanic Regenerative Drumming Journeys have led to packed workshops and we’re blessed that she will be in Porirua in June on her way to Nelson, where she hosts events for the Amazon Academy - Awakening the Heart to Action through Brawn, Brains, Beauty, Bounty and Carrying forth into the Community. 

"Our intention is to dream life into a space and place of Powa-full Being"

Powa is a First Nation word (from Melissa’s long-ago Powhatan ancestors). It means many things and has a similar meaning to Mana in Maori.

Powa is the root of Pow-Wow, which means 'those who dream together’, which is what we’ll do!