KoAlign™ Cork Alignment Yoga Mat

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Our Cork Alignment Yoga Mat guides your body into proper alignment, with common yoga poses.

Alignment Guide
Use alignment guides for hand & feet placement, and centering yourself on the mat. Laser engraved, so there are no nasty inks in contact with your skin.

Natural Cork Top
Becomes ‘grippier’ as it gets wet. Naturally anti-microbial - resists mildew and mould. Won't get smelly. Easy to clean.

Natural Rubber Base
Anti-skid, so you won't slide along the floor. Provides plenty of cushioning for maximum comfort.

Environmentally Friendly
Both cork and natural rubber are biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. Harvested cork trees store lots of carbon dioxide which, in turn, reduces Green House gases and helps protect our planet.
This cork yoga mat is easy to roll, light to carry, and easy to clean.

Dimensions - 183 cm long x 61 cm wide x 4mm thick
Weight - 2.5kg

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