Nebulising Essential Oil Diffuser
Nebulising Essential Oil Diffuser
Nebulising Essential Oil Diffuser


Nebulising Essential Oil Diffuser

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Well, we have an ongoing problem with mould in our house…

…especially in our kids’ bedroom - the last place you want there to be mould!


Breathing in mould spores contributes to all sorts of health issues.

During my research, I was shocked to discover, water-bath oil-diffusers can make the problem worse.

This happens for two reasons. First, the diffusers generate water mist. And, this fills your home with even more humidity… which is ideal for mould.

Not great for us!

Second, the plastic internals contact with water, which over time can grow mould. And, eventually, the oils may damage the plastic, too. Also, the scent emitted is weaker because it's diluted by water. Sometimes, your oils may even smell a bit 'off’.

Then, there are the old-style oil burners. Where heat from the candle changes the molecular structure of the oils... diminishing their therapeutic properties.

Anyway, long story short... I found a solution!

Check out these Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers. 

They use a tiny stream of pressurised air to atomise pure essential oil into micro-droplets. Allowing you & your family to get the purest and most concentrated fragrance across a large area, within a short period of time

NO water. NO heat. NO plastic.

Use only pure essential oils. 

The result smells exactly like the original oil. Not murky or altered in any way.

And, they look stunning.

Pressing a sensor button gives you different mood-lighting effects.

I’ve been testing these in the studio and at home, and they’re awesome.

This unit is quick and easy to set up. Use just a few droplets of your favourite essential oil, into the reservoir at the top, plug it in (USB or 240v) & then switch it on.

Diffusers for 5 minutes and pauses for 3 minutes

With an auto-cut-off function at 180 minutes

Comes beautifully boxed.